Make $2 Dollars per Referral

The game of "online money making".
Everybody in the world dreams about it..
But for me it just a game and it's wonderfull..
You can join my game today..
It's as simple as playing hhh..
Pay one time fee of $5..
Copy you referral link..
Ask people to join the game..
Get $2 per referral.
1000 Referrals ==> $2000
It's just a game.. You can Join Free now and activate your account later

Maybe you haven't understant yet..
Or maybe you think It's just a scame..
Well.. I don't like speaking much..
Then let's be clear:
I get $5 Dollars anytime a member activates his account..
What will prevent me from giving you $2 dollars if this member is a one of your referrals??
in fact the code will do this automatically.. So it's safe and guaranteed
It lefts $3 dollars for me and its enough to mantain the system raning
I just want you to play with us.. as I said it's just a game



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